Client Commitment

We are committed to provide the highest quality services with a focus to create tangible value necessary to achieve the client’s strategic and financial goals. This commitment provides the foundation for all our services. We strive to create a relationship with every client, rather than restricting to a transactional level involvement. Below is a list commitments to our clients:

Commitment Value for our client
Partner Level Reporting All engagements will have a partner level accountability and responsibility. The partner will be the sole point of contact for our clients.
Zero Conflicts of Interests All professionals make necessary disclosures of any interests prior to accepting engagements, and at the organization level, we ensure and commit to serving the sole interest of our client. If any team member hold securities in the sector, we require them to liquidate such holdings, prior to their engagements.
Customized Scope All potential engagements are carefully analyzed and a customized scope elements is created, with unique milestones and deliverables. We do not believe in cookie cutter solutions, period!
Confidentiality All engagements are treated with the highest level of confidentiality, and we will disclose and discuss information about our clients, on need basis only. Such need basis are carefully analyzed, and discussed with the client, if deeemed required, prior to disclosing any information.
Customized Fee Structure Our fee structure strictly adheres to detailed effort analysis and effort estimation standards, and is reflected in our customized fee structure. This ensures that our interests are levelled to our capabilities.
Professional Approach Our team demonstrates a very high level or professionalism, and dovetail a higher standard of project execution.